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Neon Neon & National Theatre Wales © Bruno Vincent
Neon Neon & National Theatre Wales

Neon Neon & National Theatre Wales

Neon Neon & National Theatre Wales, Cardiff
“Praxis Makes Perfect”

Music / Theatre

With Nigel Barrett, Lisa Jên Brown, Matthew Bulgo, Chris Jared, Bettrys Jones, Naomi Waring, Rhys Warrington

Drums Valentina Magaletti
Bass Meilyr Jones

Music / conceived by Neon Neon: Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip
Text Tim Price
Direction Wils Wilson
Choreography Scott Graham
Design Chloe Lamford
Light Natasha Chivers
Video design Timothy Bird, Nina Dunn
Animation Moira Lam
Assistand director Mawgaine Tarrant-Cornish
Community cast (Berlin) Rose Beerman, Serge Fouha, Angela Hoeppner, Tero Kaipanen, Aurora Kellermann, Winfried Köller, Edvard Lammervo, Gianna Pargätzi, Citlali Huezo Sánchez, Paulina Tovo

With Neon Neon, the popduo from Wales and L.A., the National Theatre Wales has created the perfect fusion of concert and theatre. This extraordinary show brings their concept album ‘Praxis Makes Perfect’ to life. Its subject is the biography of Italian publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli: A millionaire’s son becomes a communist and starts a publishing house in order to enlighten the masses. There is a great love, persecution by the government and a mysterious end. The saga’s location is Italy – this great cultural nation, equally exposed to decay and contemporary media as to the relentless Mediterranean sun. We as audience are always right in the midst of things. Enter the unique world of “Praxis Makes Perfect”! Become part of an immersive gig imagining the life of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, smuggle a manuscript out of Russia, be tortured by the CIA , play basketball with Fidel Castro! With Feltrinelli anything is possible. We are also invited to take a stance, say, on the abolition of the monarchy, which was voted out in Italy in 1946 but is still of importance in the country this production hails from. But whatever happens on stage, the seductive music itself makes us part of this collective movement again and again.

Production: Neon Neon & National Theatre Wales
Funded by: Arts Council Wales / The Welsh Government
With support of: Anglepoise

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

With the support of: British Council

In collaboration with: Berghain

In English

Length 80 min.

Tickets & Dates

Neon Neon & National Theatre Wales




€ 25 / reductions € 15

By purchasing tickets for these shows, you agree to receive an e-mail with introductory information about the event beforehand.

From the age of 18.


  • Wed 09 Jul 2014, 21:00
  • Thu 10 Jul 2014, 21:00


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