Juergen Teller, Charlotte Rampling © Juergen Teller
Juergen Teller, Charlotte Rampling, a Fox, and a Plate No.15, Latimer Road

Juergen Teller. Enjoy Your Life!

Juergen Teller, born in Erlangen in 1964, is one of the most demanded photographers in the world. His works, often extensive series, are published in books, magazines and exhibitions. Since 1986 he has lived in London. There he began photographing for music, time and fashion magazines. He became famous in 1991 when he photographed the band Nirvana and published his photos with Kurt Cobain. Juergen Teller’s works are works between art and commercial photography. Around 250 pictures give insights into his oeuvre – especially in his picture worlds.

Organizer An exhibition of the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn

Curator Susanne Kleine

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23 April to 2 July 2017
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