“The Long Now”, Kraftwerk Berlin © Camille Blake
“The Long Now”, Kraftwerk Berlin

The Long Now

Curated by Berno Odo Polzer, Laurens von Oswald and Harry Glass

Alvin Lucier
I am sitting in a room
for voice and electromagnetic tape (1970)
Alvin Lucier, performance
Hauke Harder, sound direction

Alvin Lucier
Acoustic orientation by means of echolocation, for players with hand-held echolocation devices (1968)

And Underneath The Everlasting Arms – Polyphony for a Better Sleep
Works by Alexander Agricola, Josquin Desprez, Ludwig Senfl, Alessandro Coppini, Jakob Obrecht, Antoine Divitis, Nicolas Gombert, John Sheppard, Orlando di Lasso & Samuel Beckett
Anne-Kathryn Olsen, Carine Tinney, Razek-François Bitar, Albert Riera, Andrés Miravete, Marius Peterson, Arnout Malfliet, Joachim Höchbauer & Björn Schmelzer
Margarida Garcia, scenography
Koen Broos, light
Björn Schmelzer, concept & artistic direction

(No Pussyfooting)
Live- realisation of the ambient album
by Robert Fripp & Brian Eno (1973)
for e-guitar and electronics
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, e-guitar

Catherine Christer Hennix
For Brass and Computer
for trumpet, horn, trombone, microtonal tuba and computer
Zinc & Copper
Robin Hayward, microtonal tuba
Hilary Jeffery, trombone
Elena Kakaliagou, French horn
Paul Schwingenschlögl, trumpet, flugelhorn
Stefan Tiedje, computer

William Basinski & James Elaine
Video and tape loops

Tim Hecker
Live electronics

Chris Watson
Field recordings & live electronics

Kara-Lis Coverdale
Live electronics

Aleksi Perälä
Colundi Electronics

Keith Fullerton Whitman
Live electronics

and many more

“The Long Now” is a place for the enduring present. A space in which time itself can unfold and the sense of time can take uncharted paths. With a duration of more than 30 hours, the project invites visitors to detach from the clocked pace of the present and indulge in the chronosphere of “The Long Now”.

“The Long Now” is the grand closing event of MaerzMusik − Festival for Time Issues 2017. Surrounded by the monumental setting of Kraftwerk Berlin, the project assembles concerts, performances, electronic live-acts, sound and video installations to form a composition in time and space. Embracing musical worlds from early Renaissance polyphony to the musical avant-garde, experimental electronics, Ambient and Noise, this third edition of “The Long Now” allows for sonic and bodily experiences of an exceptional kind. Visitors are welcome to spend the entire duration in the powerplant, sleep over, or come and go. Beds will be provided.

In cooperation with Berlin Atonal.
With the support of Kraftwerk Berlin.

The project is funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation.

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Tickets & Dates

The Long Now


Kraftwerk Berlin


25.03., 18:00 € 30 (day ticket)
26.03. from 08:00 € 30 (day ticket)
25. & 26.03. € 45 (2-day ticket)


SAT 25 Mar 2017, 18:29 to SUN 26 Mar 2017, 24:00