Musikfest Berlin
Nicolas Hodges © Marco Borggreve
Nicolas Hodges

Nicolas Hodges

Recital II

Johann Sebastian Bach [1685–1750]
Four Duets from Clavier-Übung III BWV 802-805 [1739]

Wolfgang Rihm [1952*]
Zwei Linien [1999/2012]

Franz Schubert [1797-1828]
Plaintes d’un troubadour in A flat major from
Six Moments musicaux D 780 [1823/28]

Helmut Lachenmann [*1935]
Serynade for piano [1997-2000]

In “Serynade”, the piano piece Helmut Lachenmann composed between 1997 and 2000, he traces new sounds the instrument can produce, how they might emerge through differentiated touch techniques or a new way of using the pedals. The wordplay in the title of the approximately 30-minute composition alludes to the first letter of the first name of Lachenmann’s wife, Japanese pianist Yukiko Sugawara. This title, however, also places the composition in a series of piano works by other composers, who took up the tradition of the serenade as a form of sophisticated 18th century entertainment music and sublimated it into subtle musical character portraits. English pianist Nicolas Hodges’ repertoire has included Lachenmann’s “Serynade” for over a decade now, and his interpretation has received high praise, not least from the composer himself. In the first part of his piano evening, Hodges presents “Zwei Linien”, a piece that Wolfgang Rihm spent 13 years on as a kind of “work in progress”. The title of the composition reflects Rihm’s focus on the two-part piano works of Johann Sebastian Bach such as the Inventions or Duetti. Rihm used Bach’s music as a starting point for his own creative work, and Hodges highlights this by opening the recital with Bach’s 4 Duetti BWV 802-805.

A Berliner Festspiele / Musikfest Berlin event

Event finishes at approx. 18:30

16:00 work introduction

Tickets & Dates

Nicolas Hodges


Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie


€ 8 - 35


  • Sun 07 Sep 2014, 17:00


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