Stückemarkt Selection 2017

The jury of the Stückemarkt has announced its selection for the Stückemarkt of the 54th Theatertreffen 2017.

In an open, Europe-wide competition, the Theatertreffen’s Stückemarkt searched for innovative theatre idioms that address socio-political issues.

A total of 286 works were submitted; 201 were theatre texts and 85 were projects. 17 plays were considered in the final discussion.

The team of the Stückemarkt congratulates the invited artists.

Petra Hůlová
“Zelle Nummer” (Cell number)
German translation from the Czech by Doris Kouba
(Czech Republic) – staged reading

Czech elites have withdrawn into cells to search for a national solution to a widespread identity crisis – a voluntary imprisonment on behalf of the freedom of thought. But the people are beginning to quietly rid themselves of their intellectuals. With powerful eloquence and urgency, Czech author Petra Hůlová looks at questions of national self-assertion and addresses the desire for recognition in an increasingly apathetic European framework of values.

Rainer Merkel
“Lauf und bring uns dein nacktes Leben”
(Run and bring us your bare life)
(Germany) – staged reading

“Every day Ghandi” is an aid organisation for children in Africa. But instead of helping, the peace workers have barricaded themselves in their supposedly secure quarters, caught up in their own private problems and power struggles. In his playwriting debut, Rainer Merkel puts the peace building industry to the test in a shrewd confrontation of the western envoys’ idealism with their unreflected racism.

Bonn Park
(Germany) – staged reading

Science fiction meets the theatre: An alien scrutinises the flawed human race. A disillusioned Donald Trump fails in his intention to finally only do good. And a fat Heidi Klum simply eats up our evil world. This play is a lunatic, precise and skilful approximation of the unspeakableness of our present times. We’ve never seen our world like this before.

Tanja Šljivar
“We Are the Ones Our Parents Warned Us About”
English translation from the Serbo-Croatian by Cory Tamler and Željko Maksimović
(Bosnia-Herzegovina / Serbia) – staged reading in English

Nearly 17-year-old Milan and 45-year-old Mara meet in the restrooms of a service area somewhere Bosnia. Although they are total strangers, they tell each other stories of their past together in countless variations. The author effortlessly joins these stories together into a masterful composition, a story of the great longing for a different life.

Swoosh Lieu
“Who cares?! – eine vielstimmige Personalversammlung der Sorgetragenden”
(Who cares?! – a polyphonic staff meeting of caregivers)
(Germany) – performance

This performance compiles interview statements of women whose work is hardly ever seen. Swoosh Lieu lends them a voice and highlights the value of their work. The roles imposed and attributed to women in the caring professions as well as their often unaccomplishable tasks are translated into a precise score for a sound-collage of powerful physical imagery.

Tine Rahel Völcker
“Adam und die Deutschen (Die Mühle)”
(Adam and the Germans (The Mill))
(Germany) – staged reading

Tine Rahel Völker’s dream-play tells the story of a Jewish Pole and his wish to be freed from his past, decades after his family were forcibly deported to Poland from the German Reich. This is a play of powerful fragility and melancholy humour, about identity, family and the yearnings for the future of someone living between two states.


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