Theatertreffen 2014


News The 52nd Theatertreffen will take place from 1 to 17 May 2015.

News The Theatertreffen 2014 was diverse: both focused and far-reaching. With its new festival structure, throughout the day, evening and night, in the camp, on stage and in the bar, it offered a polemic and passionate debate on theatre covering its themes, issues and solutions. more

News Impressions of the 2014 Theatertreffen. more

News 537 productions, 217 directors, 72 theatres and groups as well as Stückemarkt and International Forum: half a century of Theatertreffen in the new Theatertreffen chronicle. more


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Theatertreffen final: three questions to follow-up

A final note by Nathalie Frank, stage editor by our partner magazine Exberliner. TT14 is over! Was it „interesting as never before”, as predicted Berliner...
19.05.2014, 11:32

Camp #17 – Das Forum verabschiedet sich mit Fragen an die Zukunft des Theaters

Die zwei Wochen Theatertreffen sind vorbei, das Internationale Forum verabschiedet sich mit Fragen zur Zukunft des Theaters.Uwe Gössel, Leiter des Internationa...
19.05.2014, 02:43

Mona el Gammal: “The future that we show is not really far away from what we have now”

Creating unique “narrative spaces”, Mona el Gammal (Germany) won the Cologne Theatre Prize for Haus//Nummer/Null, an installation taking place in a dystopia...
16.05.2014, 06:34

Chronicle 1964-2014

The data base with all productions, theatres and directors since 1964 as well as the Stückemarkt authors.


Fünfzig Theatertreffen


Edited by Berliner Festspiele
Verlag Theater der Zeit