Gropius Bau

Of crafty crows and space shuttles

Mit Christian Rutz, University of St. Andrews

Why do so few animals use tools, and why are we humans so good at it? In this public lecture, Dr Christian Rutz from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK, will explore this intriguing scientific puzzle, reporting about his long-term research on one of the most gifted animal tool users -- the New Caledonian crow. Intriguingly, this corvid species, which only occurs on a remote tropical island in the South Pacific, is the only nonhuman animal known to craft hookedforaging tools. Given that hook making was a key innovation in human technological evolution, New Caledonian crows provide unique opportunities for investigating the ecological conditions that may foster this remarkable skill. Dr Rutz will conclude his lecture by discussing his ground-breaking recent discovery of highly-skilled tool behaviour in a second tropical corvid -- the Hawaiian crow. Published recently as the cover story of the leading scientific journal Nature, this breakthrough affords exciting insights into the evolutionary origins of tool behaviour.

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Of crafty crows and space shuttles


Gropius Bau


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  • Mi 30.11.2016, 16:30


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