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Discovery of Tensegrity in Cells: The Architecture of Life | Donald E. Ingber


Tensegrity (tensional integrity) architecture - first explored by the architect Buckminster Fuller and sculptor Kenneth Snelson – has been shown to govern how living cells structure themselves at the nanometer scale from molecular struts, contractile microfilaments and interconnected nuclear and membrane structures. This work also has led to the discovery that tensegrity is utilized to stabilize shape and mechanics at virtually all size scales in living systems, from the simplest molecules to the entire human body. This lecture will describe how construction of physical stick-and-string tensegrity models enabled and advanced these discoveries.

Following the talk there will be a panel debate hosting M.D. Ph.D. Donald E. Ingber, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schäffner and Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Peter Fratzl. Subjects of discussion will be interdisciplinary research and the potentials of connecting natural science, engineers and designers.

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Discovery of Tensegrity in Cells: The Architecture of Life | Donald E. Ingber


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  • Sa 01.10.2016, 16:00


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