Rest Assured. Bodi No Be Fayawood

Livestream der Veranstaltung am 08.11. im silent green und SAVVY Contemporary

Performance von Dorothée Munyaneza während des INVOCATIONS-Programms des SAVVY Contemporary-Projekts Rhythmanalysis 2017

Verfügbar bis 3. November 2021


Streaming live aus dem SAVVY Contemporary
13:30 SAVVY Team: collective poetry reading
13:45 Gugulethu Duma and Kechou: „Buffering Juju“ Sonic Performance
14:10 Break
14:30 Kalaf Epalanga: „A Good Citizen“ Sonic Experience
14:50 Eiliyas: „Improvisation“ Sonic Performance
15:15 Break
15:35 Mazen Kerbaj: „I Will Be Assuming You Are on the Other Side of the Screen (and That You Are Focused)“ Sonic Performance
16:00 Jessica Ekomane: „Untitled“ Sonic Performance
16:25 Break

Streaming live aus dem silent green
17:00 Charles Sammons Collective: „Charles Sammons’ Way Back Home“ Sonic Performance
17:50 Break
18:10 Gugulethu Duma and Kechou: „Buffering Juju“ Sonic Performance
18:35 Audrey Chen and Hugo Esquinca: „Voice/Process“ Sonic Performance

Streaming live aus dem SAVVY Contemporary
19:00 Jumoke Adeyanju: „Mo ti rí: Memoirs of a Seer“ Poetry and Dance Performance
19:15 Lamin Fofana: „A Scattering of Spiral and Elliptical Galaxies“ Sonic Performance
19:40 Break
20:00 Miya Masaoka: „An Ultra Moment: Excerpts in Isolation“ Sonic Performance
20:35 Drummers of Joy: „A Prelude to a Tribute to Tony Allen“ Sonic Performance
21:20 Break
21:40 Christian Bakotessa and Jeff Chappah: „Untitled“ Sonic Performance