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Thinking Together

Good Morning Deutschland

Thinking Together – Film & Gespräch

„Die Vielfalt der Stimmen - Das Flüchtlingsradio Good Morning Deutschland“
Ein Film von Jakob Bauer und Adrian Schmidt
(D 2017, 50 Min., Farbe)

Thinking Together

Thinking Together

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Vergangene Termine

Since May 2016, the radio project “Good Morning Deutschland” is streaming music and live radio shows produced by and for refugees. Broadcasting in Arabic, Farsi, German and English, the project offers a platform for a newly developing community to network, exchange, make music together and develop ideas for a prospective living in Germany. This afternoon session hosted by some of the makers of GMD will address questions related to escape and refuge, cultural diversity, music and radio production, autonomy and self-organization and will present a new film by Adrian Schmidt (GER 2017, 60 min., colour) documenting the first six months of “Good Morning Deutschland.”