Dominic Huber

Dominic Huber

Dominic Huber works on expanding experiences of reality in the field of set design and theatre direction. Since studying architecture at the ETH Zurich, he has designed numerous stage sets for independent projects and municipal theatres. He regularly collaborates with Lola Arias, Sebastian Nübling and Toshiki Okada. His own theatre installations have been shown in New York, Zurich, Buenos Aires, Jerusalem and Berlin. Since 2008, Dominic Huber has worked with Stefan Kaegi and Rimini Protokoll on projects such as “Heuschrecken”, “Situation Rooms” and “Weltklimakonferenz”. In 2009 he received a work stipend from the City of Zurich. He teaches at Zurich University of the Arts and was a member of the jury at the Prague Quadriennal for Performance Design.

As of May 2017

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