Kai Fagaschinski

The Berlin-based clarinettist and composer-performer Kai Fagaschinski focuses on a subtle musicality of sound and noise phenomena. As an autodidact he has developed dubious manners on his instrument. As a “natural-born abstract” he includes an insidious expressivity and a pre-melodic quality to his music. He operates in both systems: composition and improvisation. His preferences are long-term collaborations at eye level. Currently he is working with following bands: The International Nothing (with Michael Thieke), The Dogmatics (with Chris Abrahams), The Elks (with Liz Allbee, Billy Roisz & Marta Zapparoli), Schall und Rausch (with Johan Arrias, Axel Dörner & Tisha Mukarji), Los Glissandinos (with Klaus Filip), Musik (with Burkhard Stangl), The Brothers Grim (experimental song project with Seamus Cater), Splitter Orchester.

As of February 2018

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