Nikolaus Gansterer: Theoriegehäuse © Nikolaus Gansterer
Nikolaus Gansterer. Theoriegehäuse

Talking about art

Part of art is always talking about art. Within the framework of a wide-ranging series of discussion events, the Berliner Festspiele offer a variety of possibilities to explore the content of its programme: expert talks, round-table talks and specialised symposia invite people to exchange opinions and thoughts on the situation and role of art and artists today, negotiate social-political questions in the context of art, but also to question and und develop their own aesthetic experience. During artist talks and public discussions, audience members come into direct contact with artists, to talk about artistic positions, and to analyse and contextualise works. With event series such as “Netzkultur” and “Es geht auch anders”, the Berliner Festspiele continuously create new formats and platforms to bring current cultural and political themes to the discussion table. In formats such as the Theatertreffen Camp or MaerzMusik’s “Thinking Together”, festivals focus on specific artistic and social issues like empowerment, the bet, blackfacing or the general theme of time. What is more, alongside explicitly discursive formats, there are always works that integrate the discussion directly into artistic forms as embedded discourse.

Discourse at MaerzMusik
Discourse at Theatertreffen
Discourse at Musikfest Berlin
Discourse at Jazzfest Berlin

Berliner Festspiele

Seeing what’s ahead

Berliner Festspiele stand for a cultural programme where the new becomes visible.