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Das Rudel © Uta Engel
Das Rudel

Das Rudel

Jugendensemble Saltazio, Hildesheim

With Patricia Bendel, Merle Degenhardt, Leonard Flohr, Wolfram Föppl, Linda Hennig, Alissa Kiesel, Nina Luttmann, Annkristin Mansen, Nike Mazur, Laura Molzahn, Ida Muckelberg, Marie-Kristin Rheinländer, Katharina Rittmeier, Natalie Schumann, Johann Sundermeier, Javier von Kopylow

Choreography Uta Engel
Ensemble director Judith Hölscher
Lighting Lars Neumann

Who are we when we take off our masks? Which emotions drive us and what do they look like when we do not hide them under layers of words and modified behavioural patterns? Are we not attached to our emotions despite our differences? In fear or greed, in love and jealousy or in the pure joy of life? “Das Rudel” takes a glimpse behind these layers and the feelings that accompany us in life from the perspective of young people. 16 dancers have gone on an honest journey into their emotions, creating movements and images along the way. “Das Rudel” is a powerful, dynamic and honest dance theatre piece that takes the audience along on an excursion into the individual’s emotions.

Duration 30 min