National Contests
Stück02 © Sebastian Kirch



With Carolina Braun, Elisa Czernik, Doreen Henkel, Luca Hennig, Charlotte Kessen, Mathias Kowalk, Diana Richter, Henning Schröder

Artistic director, choreography, direction Kama Frankl
Co-director, Technical director Christopher Deutsch
Artistic assistance Zora Niephaus
Costumes, make-up Rahel Steffen, Joy Zondag
Production Julian Rasmus Grüter, Elcim Sayguen, Sebastian Kirsch
Music Markus Brockmeier

“Nothing just means anything. […] I’ve known that for a long time. That’s why it is not worth doing just anything. I just discovered that.”
Janne Teller “Nichts: Was im Leben wichtig ist” (Nothing: That is important in life)

He left the room, the others stayed: Something is to become of us!

What does a group of young people do when their future, their visions and their position in society is questioned? When the ideals, life paths and visions presented to them are destroyed?

The anger of the group as opposed to the individual who has decided for him/herself that life has no meaning, which is why there is no point doing anything at all, culminates in a group search for the meaning of life.

From a harmless search for meaning to a total escalation of violence in a group, “Stück02” is a free interpretation of Janne Teller’s novel “Nichts: Was im Leben wichtig ist” (Nothing: That is important in life) that focuses on how violence and radicalization can emerge and end.

Duration 50 min