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On tradition: the young generation © Marco Prill
On tradition: the young generation

On tradition: the young generation

tjg.theaterakademie, theater junge generation, Dresden

With Nikolaos Gavros, Monika Haidari, Joscha Hawlitzky, Simon Hawlitzky, Arthur Klein, Lisa-Charlotte Naumann, Khanh Linh Neitzel, Paula Preuß, Hannah Rothmann, Julian Schaerff, Niklas Schlegel, Aden Driver Tschipke, Nora Wallenburger, Etesia Zimmermann

Concept, choreography Jo Parkes
Space, costumes Grit Dora von Zeschau
Camera Ute Freund
Editing Lena Hatebur
Music Pete Fraser
Dramaturgy Kathi Loch
Head of production, theatre education Julia Kuzminska
Lighting design, video Roger Kunze

In six video portraits, seven young people from Dresden concentrate on their family traditions. What do you do that your parents or grandparents have already done? Which traditions are important to you? Which could be done away with? Are traditions a thing of the past? Do they keep you back? Or are they a launch pad for the future? Seven young people from the tjg.theaterakademie watch the video portraits and respond by dancing. How does the story “move” me – in terms of content, emotionally, physically? The audience sits in the middle of a walkable dance and video installation and experiences the videos and dancers up close.

Duration 50 min

Tickets & Dates

On tradition: the young generation


Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Side Stage


€ 8 / reductions € 6


  • Wed 27 Sep 2017, 17:00 - 17:50
  • Wed 27 Sep 2017, 19:00 - 19:50