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Rostislav Novák


Workshop description
Franz Kafka was a German-speaking Jewish novelist and short story writer who lived in Bohemia. This is one reason for me to choose his story “Metamorphosis” for this project. As always, the topic is the most important thing for me. However, here I am particularly interested in crossing borders: borders between different genres. I would like to work with metamorphosis; the transformation of dance to puppetry, from circus to spoken word, from sound to material, etc.
We can view metamorphosis from several different angles. It depends largely on the people who will be interested in working on this workshop together with me. For sure, I would like to base the work on Kafka’s text, but I would like to analyse the work together with the creative team. Metamorphosis, transformation, the interchange between the genres is one topic, as well as the changing development of man over the last century, since the time the book was written (1912). Aren’t we all becoming creatures, imprisoned in loneliness and isolation? Or are we returning to (our own) nature?
Maybe we will find another common topic evoked in us by “Metamorphosis”, or Kafka This should be left open so that the process can be enriching for everyone involved. By the way, doesn’t the contemporary circus need a metamorphosis?

Rostislav Novák

Rostislav Novák

Born on 24 December 1979 in Prague, Rostislav Novák is a Czech actor and director, and the founder and artistic director of Cirk La Putyka. In his work he is combining acrobatics, dance, puppets and sports with live music.
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Further information about the workshop

What is most important for me?
The most important thing is always the topic. The topic pushes me to think about it, to imagine how to put it on stage. Only after that do I start looking for the means of expression. Since I started working with my company, I have tried several directing approaches, starting with fully authorial theatre with only a blank white paper in front of me and ending with shows built on a theatrical screenplay. I have experienced working with choreographers, dancers, puppeteers, movie makers, musicians, etc. And that is what I enjoy the most: exploring the right means of expression for the specific topic.

My motivation
In my opinion, the most valuable thing for directors and artists who want to explore, discover, share, and confront is having a platform to meet each other. When I have space, people who want to work with me and an opportunity to share the result with an audience, I do not hesitate for a second. With my company, I have been part of these kinds of projects (“Lacrimae”, “Care”’), which resulted in several shows and other artistic pieces.

Information about the application

Required applicants
Number of people: 5

  • 1 circus artist. I am not looking for any specific discipline or technique, my goal is to adapt the work to the given technique.
  • 1 contemporary dancer.
  • 1 actor. Someone for whom language is the primary means of expression.
  • 1 musician. Ideally not only a performer, but someone with composing skills and experience, multi-instrumentalist.
  • 1 artist. No strict boundaries. Can be painter, sculptor, carver: it does not matter. Hands should be her*his tool.

Please attach the following to your application

  • I need to get to know as much as possible about the artists. I would like to see their CVs first, together with videos of their works. Next step should be a Skype meeting with chosen candidates. I will bring a cameraman, set designer, and costume designer from Cirk La Putyka.