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Squarehead Productions

Elena Lydia Kreusch (Germany) – artistic director, producer and researcher
Darragh McLoughlin (Ireland) – (circus) artist, artistic director, teacher

“Trick Questions”

Workshop description
In this research lab we will be taking the “circus trick” as a starting point of reflection. The “trick” being a central element of the circus performance, we will explore and experiment with the implementation of the dramaturgy of a circus trick across different art forms.

Elena Kreusch, Darragh McLoughlin

Squarehead Productions

Specialising in interdisciplinary artistic research between theory and practice, Squarehead Productions collaborates with partners from both the artistic and academic sectors and communicates through a multitude of different formats such as performances, lectures, workshops, laboratories and publications.
Squarehead Productions was founded in 2012 by artistic directors Elena Lydia Kreusch and Darragh McLoughlin.
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Further information about the workshop

The research group will consist of one circus artist and up to three artists from various other disciplines. Guided by Elena and Darragh the group will embark on an exploration of the dramaturgical nature of a trick based on the following central questions:

  • How can a sculptural process be staged as a trick?
  • How can the dramaturgy of a trick be applied to a piano solo?
  • How can a monologue be framed in the same way?
  • What are the mechanisms at work when staging a trick?
  • Can any action be framed as a trick?
  • What is the relation between trick and trickery?
  • How do we need to think space (360 degree) when staging a trick?

The objective of this research is not to make artists of other disciplines do circus, but rather to examine and understand one of the constituting elements of circus performance and try to apply its dramaturgical logic and structure to different artistic contexts.


The way we position our work:
With roots in the contemporary circus movement we recognise our practice within the broader context of contemporary art. Placing embodied knowledge at the centre of our artistic and academic research we situate our activities at the interface of artistic practice and knowledge production. Constantly challenging our methods of creation we strive to push our contemporary practice beyond what we ourselves know as artists and practitioners.

Information about the application

Required applicants
Number of people: 2-4

  • 1 circus artist and 2-3 artists with other disciplines (performance art / performing arts / plastic arts)

Please attach the following to your application

  • Please send us a short video (2 min max.) and/or a short text (max 1 page) introducing yourself and your work answering the following questions:

Questions for the applicants

  • Where do you situate yourself within the wide spectrum of artistic practices?
  • What are you currently curious/passionate about?
  • Why are you interested in experimenting with cross-disciplinary staging methods?

Please be aware that one of the application requirements is that we have not collaborated in the past!