Die Originale –
Olle Strandberg

“What a wicked workflow you play”

Workshop description
The lab will focus on creating artistic material through self-organization and methods of productivity.
The idea is to let productivity and self-management methodologies meet art making to generate new ideas, concepts and artistic physical material rather than striving for accelerating profitable growth. We will set up a specific workflow for our lab week together inspired from methodologies such as: GTD (Getting Things Done), Deep Work, SCRUM, Agile, The 12 Year Week and Holacracy.

Olle Strandberg

Olle Strandberg

Olle Strandberg is currently working as a director of contemporary circus in Sweden. Since 2011, he has directed shows for Cirkus Cirkör and has been in charge of the artistic research platform Cirkör LAB. In parallel with his work he explores as an acrobat the possibilities of creating and enabling aerial circus at a height of several 1000 metres, in the clouds.
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Further information about the workshop

Working method
Artists from different backgrounds and disciplines will gather together to create physical material. We will be developing ideas and structures based on different productivity and self-management methodologies.
Within the first days we will capture, clarify and organize information. After that we will reflect and engage and get our different projects and tasks done. By doing this we will retrieve new information to capture, clarify, organize, reflect and engage with. We will set up a smooth digital workspace for easy, transparent collaboration even though we might be working on different projects and tasks simultaneously at different locations. By engaging in this workflow we will be able to spend more time doing what we find interesting and useful with our time together. We will also create our tasks based on our level of energy, amount of time and priority (based on interest, what’s necessary, fun, etc.).
How the physical work during the days will look is based on our captured information and on our wish to collaborate, share our interests and create artistic work together.

Information about the application

Required applicants
Number of people: 6

  • 2 circus artist
  • 1 dancer
  • 1 musician (electronic music / techno preferred)
  • 1 visual artist / photo artist
  • 1 light artist

Questions for the applicants

  • If you had ten points to divide between a) great success and b) great fun with a team, how would you divide your points? [for example a) 7, b) 3]
  • What drives you?

Please attach the following to your application

  • I would like to receive a photo or video list of ten ideas that each person wants to explore based on the information about this project.