Die Originale –
Julia Wissert

“Artistic collaboration as form of (political and social) resistance”

Workshop description
I would like to research the potential of creating new, innovative and transgressive art which defies hegemonic structures and gazes as a means for resistance. As theatre artists, we usually work towards a “final product” and seem to underestimate the power and the potential of the moment where a group of different people from different backgrounds, socially as well as artistically, come together as a team. Depending on the constellations of these processes, we can create utopian spaces. Spaces which empower, nourish and free the people partaking in them from predisposed notions of the world. This potential can ripple into other encounters outside of the rehearsal space.

Julia Wissert

Julia Wissert

Julia Wissert works as a theatre and opera director in Europe. When she doesn’t work as a director she is a member of Supertyres Entertainment, an international art collective. Julia Wissert’s work is very physical and based on decolonial, authority-critical and feminist discourses.
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Further information about the workshop

“To claim for something to be knowledge can be a political, even a radical act. To look for knowledge in places others overlook can also be radical.”
Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi

When we start new processes, we usually work towards a “final product”. Our focus is on the realisation of the vision we carry with us. We gather as a group, coming from different disciplines, to make our vision come to life. Ideally an ad hoc “family” is being born. With this creation of a new social structure a great political potential is unfolded. Coming from different backgrounds and trainings we always have to negotiate amongst ourselves how to work together: What does everyone need in order to be able to unfold their potential? At the same time we have to develop a common professional language. The skills we need for this are asked of us in our everyday lives as well.

What is the power of the artistic process? How do rehearsals have the potential to influence the world? What is the potential of our search for future artistic forms and the encounters that we have during this time? In the time in which we are together I want to try and create a piece of work which is developed collaboratively including all our different backgrounds and all the tools we possess. Starting from our own thoughts and from the text of Thomas Oberender on contemporary circus (“Theater der Zeit”, 4/2017) I want to devise an artistic response which incorporates the idea of how to create this utopian space, how to create our future.


Information about the application

Required applicants
Number of people: 5
I’m generally flexible, but I would like to work with five artists from different disciplines:

  • 1 circus artist
  • 1 musician (electronic music preferred)
  • 1 dancer
  • 1 actor
  • 1 video artist

Questions for the applicants

  • Which piece of art have you seen/experienced which inspired you and why?
  • What artist would you like to work with and why?
  • Do you feel art can/should be political? If so, how?
  • How would you like to explore your practice for the future?
  • What challenges/limitations do you see/experience in your practice?

Please attach the following to your application

  • Please create a short (max. 2 min.) sequence in your field of expertise that reflects on your personal search in your art.
  • Please find a text (anything that is readable text, music, pictures …) which you feel reflects your current artistic state the most.
  • Please describe in brief a warm up with you. Written or video or pics is good.

There will be more questions to come before we actually meet.