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Die Originale. [Video trailer]

Die Originale

An interdisciplinary festival with eight research presentations, two circus productions, concerts, an exhibition and talks


14:00 “Somnium”
15:00 4 research presentations

17:00 interval (with talks and music by Geordie Little)

18:30 “mobile”
19:15 4 research presentations
21:15 music by L.I.A (beatbox/rap/DJ)

In the research programme “Die Originale” 10 researchers and 40 artists will collaborate on an interdisciplinary artistic interaction culminating in a two-day festival on 7th and 8th April.The audience is invited to come and discover the results of the research done in the workshops on the main stage, arranged specially in circular form. There is also a chance to see the contemporary circus productions “Somnium” by Compagnie MPTA and “mobile” by Jörg Müller and interested members of the public will have the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the researchers in audience discussions. The all-day programme is accompanied by an exhibition by the photographer Lukas Berger and concerts by L.I.A and Geordie Little.

The visitors to the festival are warmly invited to spend the entire day following their own impulses and discovering new things.



Compagnie MPTA
Conception and performance Juan Ignacio Tula, Stefan Kinsman
Artistic direction Mathurin Bolze, Séverine Chavrier
Sound design Jerome Fèvre
Lighting design Jeremie Cusenier
Technical management Gildas Céleste

In their show ‘Somnium’, created in 2015, Juan Ignacio Tula and Stefan Kinsman bring the comparatively new discipline of the cyr wheel to the stage. The cyr wheel is their artistic apparatus: a ring of steel or aluminium inside which artists revolve, apparently light as a feather, in virtuoso dances. In “Somnium” Tula and Kinsman make the cyr wheel and its characteristic rotational movements the focus of their choreography. This harnesses the cyr wheel’s relentless circularity to mark out a territory and explore it. In a performance of repeating pirouette spins, the artists highlight the difference between their bodies while simultaneously displaying the acrobatic virtuosity they both share.


By and with Jörg Müller
Conception, direction, music, object design Jörg Müller
Lighting design Jérémie Cusenier
Created with the support of François Crevantes and Emmanuel Cury St Sauveur

Jörg Müller has spent over 20 years researching and experimenting around the concept of juggling in the course of which he has developed a form entirely his own. In “mobile” he works with five long aluminium poles suspended on a virtually invisible thread. These poles appear to hover floating in the space, circling drunkenly at some times, spinning frenetically at others, sometimes silently and sometimes emitting sound as if activated by a secret signal. While Müller’s body moves constantly through the space, the rods draw figures in the air that only last briefly. The result is a continuous dialogue between the juggler and his objects.

With kind support of

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Tickets & Dates

Die Originale


Haus der Berliner Festspiele


€ 25, reduced € 20
Admission to the festival will be by day-passes only.

The festival is open continuously from 14:00 - 24:00. After a performance has begun, no latecomers will be admitted.
The programme will be the same on both days.


  • Sat 07 Apr 2018, 14:00 - 00:00
  • Sun 08 Apr 2018, 14:00 - 00:00


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The researchers

from fields such as
circus, film, theatre and music