Chris Salter: “Haptic Field”, Shanghai © Aina Wang / Chronus Art Centre (CAC), Shanghai
Chris Salter: “Haptic Field”, Shanghai

Chris Salter + TeZ

Haptic Field (v2.0)
Multisensory installation

Director/composition Chris Salter + TeZ in collaboration with Ian Hattwick
Costume design JNBY China
Technical development Input Devices and Music Interaction Lab (IDMIL), McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Technical assistance Marcelo Wanderley
Technical director Ian Hattwick
Technical implementation Ivan Franco, Julian Neri, Alex Nieva, Patrick Ignoto, Louis Fournier
Production manager Sven Gareis
Production assistance Garrett Lockhart
Odour consultant Caro Verbeek
Management Remco Schuurbiers - DISK Agency, Berlin

The immersive spatial installation “Haptic Field (v2.0)” is a multisensory experience in which touch, sight and listening fuse into a holistic experience. First, the visitors dress in overalls specially designed by JNBY, whose semi-transparent hoods obscure their view, while integrated sensors and vibrating actuators convey intense sensory impressions; a hallucinatory and dreamlike environment is created, in which everything is in motion. The participants are guided through the rooms by the moving vibrations pulsing through the clothes as well as shimmering light and darkness. The visitors’ fixation on the sense of sight becomes secondary, space begins to dissolve and their perception of their own physical boundaries becomes blurred. Perhaps this was how life felt before the mirror stage?

Part of the programme Limits of Knowing

Production xmodal / Montreal, CAC (Chronus Art Centre), Shanghai

With the support of the Fonds de Recherche du Quebec - Societe et Culture, Representation of the Government of Québec - Berlin and Embassy of Canada in Germany

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Tickets & Dates

Chris Salter + TeZ
Haptic Field (v2.0)

Multisensory installation

1 to 31 July 2017