David OReilly: Eye of the Dream © Berliner Festspiele
David OReilly: Eye of the Dream

David OReilly: Eye of the Dream

As part of The New Infinity

Production David OReilly
Music Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano
Programming Damien Quartz & Ezra Hanson­White
Sound Design Eduardo Ortiz­Frau
Narration: Alan Watts
Idea & curatorial consulting Stephan Schwingeler

The creation of the Universe in under two hours – beginning moments before the Big Bang, the new interactive work by artist and game designer David OReilly shows the development of life and progresses into our modern world, traveling through billions of years of history. The experience is at turns dramatic and meditative, abstract and familiar, chaotic and ordered. This realtime simulation is governed by an array of interconnected, multi-layered systems inspired by musical composition. These generate beautifully complex, ever-evolving forms and structures, always in motion and producing infinite variation, making every moment unique and unrepeatable. This installation evolved from David OReilly’s award-winning work “Everything”, and draws from a library of objects he created over a 15 year period.

SAT 29 Sep 2018, 20:30
Artist Talk I: David OReilly & Stephan Schwingeler
Kunstquartier Bethanien, Studio 1


David OReilly

Eye of the Dream


26.09.2018, 16:00-21:00

11:00-15:00 & 16:00-21:00

Mobile Dome

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