Jazzfest Berlin

Jazzfest Berlin 2013

The Jazzfest Berlin’s second edition under Bert Noglik’s creative direction was a great audience success: the artists were celebrated with standing ovations, and spectators at the Abraham Inc. band concert got up to dance in the aisles.

In Thomas Oberender’s words, Bert Noglik managed to “create constellations that differed from usual concert and tour events, teaming up musicians that do not normally perform together.” The project “Gnawa Jazz Voodoo”, which was developed exclusively for the Jazzfest Berlin 2013 with Joachim Kühn and his trio, African percussionists and the jazz icon Pharoah Sanders, took to the stage for the festival’s opening concert.

Highlights of the festival were main stage concerts by the Jack DeJohnette Group, Abraham Inc., “Wunderkammer XXL” by the hr-Bigband with Michael Wollny and Tamar Halperin, “Big Circle” by Michael Riessler and John Scofield with his Überjam Band. On one hand, the anniversary concert for Ernst-Ludwig “Luten” Petrowsky in the Akademie der Künste was rich in history; but with performances by Christian Scott, the Monika Roscher Bigband, drummers Jaimeo Brown, Dafnis Prieto and Shabaka Hutchings, the younger generation of jazz were also represented during the festival.