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Théo Ceccaldi “Freaks” © Alexandre Jeanson
Théo Ceccaldi “Freaks”

Théo Ceccaldi “Freaks”

German premiere

[Focus Europe]

Théo Ceccaldi violin
Matthieu Metzger saxophone
Quentin Biardeau saxophone
Valentin Ceccaldi cello
Giani Caserotto guitar
Etienne Zemniak drums

Oh mon dieu! In 2018, there is no way to avoid the Ceccaldi brothers, these unruly string-riders with Sicilian roots. It’s high time to bring this glamorous project to Berlin. Théo Ceccaldi “Freaks” is a beautiful racket. Endearingly lurid, physical, queer, colourful. They rage and boil in the night – what better way to lose sleep. They don’t play as if, they play for real. Totally. “A stellar connection of feverish energy, sweetly bubbling calm, lyrical explosion and hypnotic trance”: This is the promise made by this band of conspirators from France. And the line-up is nothing to sneeze at, either: Besides the brothers – Théo Ceccaldi (*1986*) on violin and Valentin Ceccaldi (*1989) on cello – saxophonists Benjamin Dousteyssier and Quentin Biardeau, guitarist Giani Caserotto and drummer Etienne Ziemniak have come to rock out. And Théo the violinist, wearing his prize crown – with a wave from Oscar Wilde – laughs in delight.

Théo Ceccaldi on Soundcloud
Coquette Rocket by Théo Ceccaldi “Freaks” on YouTube
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Tickets & Dates

Théo Ceccaldi “Freaks”


Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Side Stage


€ 15 / reduced € 12

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This year, all concerts of Jazzfest Berlin will be broadcast via the ARD radio stations. Since the broadcasts are live, the concerts will have to begin on time and continue so after the intervals. We ask for your understanding. All bars will welcome you with drinks and refreshments before the concerts, in the intervals and after the concerts.


  • Fri 02 Nov 2018, 22:45