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FutureLeaks: Umschlagplatz der Visionen © Piero Chiussi
FutureLeaks: Umschlagplatz der Visionen

FutureLeaks: Umschlagplatz der Visionen (The Marketplace of Visions)

Anna de Carlo artistic director
Johanna Hühn assistant of the artistic director
Tatjana Wittulski production
Yiftach Shapira stage design
Ana Monrás video
Marcus Barros Cardoso costume design
Monique Van Den Bulck costume design assistant
Sandro Schapals sound effects

By and with Kadar Abdallah, Leonie Ahmer, Ahmad Akidi, Mousa Alkam, Radwan Alsulaiman, Naim Alwattar, Ahmad Ebrahim, Saddam Gill, Dlav Hasan, Mohammed Ibrahim, Hadi Mohammed, Bri Schröder, Charlotte Sieglin, Reda Mohamed Quero

Positive messages flood our present from the future, hypnotic journeys lead to a better self, a thimblerig player is gambling on reality. Which card would you bet on? Performance artist Anna de Carlo and her FutureLeaks agents invite you into a transit zone between today and tomorrow and will ensure lively trade at the Marketplace of Visions. Step closer and become part of the action!

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A Mondiale project by residents of the AWO Refugium am Kaiserdamm and Berliner Festspiele, in collaboration with the Berlin University of the Arts.

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Tickets & Dates

FutureLeaks: Umschlagplatz der Visionen (The Marketplace of Visions)


Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Upper Foyer


Free admission


  • Thu 01 Nov 2018, 17:30
  • Fri 02 Nov 2018, 17:30