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Flyer MaerzMusik 2018, January 2018
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Flyer MaerzMusik 2018

68 pages

[PDF, 2.3 MB]

Timetable MaerzMusik 2018

Overview of the complete programme

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Timetable “The Long Now” 2018

Overview of the complete programme

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Excerpt from the reader MaerzMusik 2018, March 2018
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Reader MaerzMusik 2018

Reader MaerzMusik 2018

With original contributions by artists, additional photographs, documents and texts
US Letter format, 208 pages plus cover
printed on Recystar nature 150g, cover on machine grey cardboard 300g
two-coloured print black/red
In English

Price: € 8
Readers 2017+2018 in a package € 12
Available in the MaerzMusik Shop

Table of contents and excerpt [PDF, 3.5 MB]

Time Wars

Thinking Together – Conference

[PDF, 345 KB]

Thinking Together

Workshops & Discourse

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Schule machen: QuerKlang

Experimental Composing at School

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Berliner Festspiele

Seeing what’s ahead

Berliner Festspiele stand for a cultural programme where the new becomes visible.