The Theatertreffen-Blog 2014

The Theatertreffen Blog as a “laboratory for real-time observation”

The Theatertreffen Blog took place for the sixth time in 2014. A six-person blog team – a graphic designer, video artist, writer, dramaturge, theatre academic and cultural journalist – from the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Paris and Vienna reported in German, English and French, in text, image and sound. Their postings shed light not only the Theatertreffen programme, but also contemporary social and cultural discourse in the form of graphics, video clips, sketches, photos, audio files and essays. 140 postings were created in total.

Particular focus was placed on the issue of “Theater und Netz” (Theatre and the Internet), which found expression in the blog’s publications, the coverage of the eponymous conference at the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, a tweetup in cooperation with the magazine “Die Deutsche Bühne”, and blogger Manuel Braun’s keynote for the opening of this year’s Theatertreffen Camp.

The blog continue to debate allegations of plagiarism and the perpetuation of colonialism in Alain Platel’s production “tauberbach”, and campaigned for the release of the author Jörg Albrecht in Abu Dhabi.

Unconventional formats were very popular: for example, the “Zigarettenkritik” (cigarette review), in which bloggers exchanged their views of a production straight after its performance for the length of time it takes to smoke a cigarette, as well as interviews with prominent internet names (Clara Hitzel, Maike Hank) and dressing-room interviews with the final witnesses (from “The Final Witnesses” by Matthias Hartmann) from Vienna. For the second time running, the blog offered an exclusive insight into the work of the International Forum and published a Camp report every day by the video artist Hannah Dörr.

Up to 1,000 users clicked on the Theatertertreffen Blog each day, and 270 followed on Twitter. The website had a new, visually stronger design in 2014, a dynamic ‘tiled look’ reflecting the bloggers’ artistic background and the reinforcing the visual nature of their formats.

Under the new direction of Bianca Praetorius with editorial assistance from Eefke Kleimann, the project was funded by the Rudolf Augstein Foundation for the fourth time. Media partners were the “Berliner Zeitung” and the “EXBERLINER”.

Bianca Praetorius and Eefke Kleimann
Directors of the Theatertreffen-Blog 2014

The 2014 bloggers were

Manuel Braun

Manuel Braun

Felix Ewers

Felix Ewers

Jannis Klasing

Jannis Klasing


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