The Stückemarkt 2014

The Stückemarkt took on a new direction at the Theatertreffen 2014 while continuing to develop its examination of broader forms of authorship

For two years, the Stückemarkt of the Theatertreffen has been forging new paths: in 2012 by broadening the definition of the term author – for the first time, not only playwrights but also collectives could apply with their project concepts to the Stückemarkt’s public contest – and in 2013 with a three-day site-specific project for the Stückemarkt’s 35th anniversary.

In 2014 its exploration of new models of authorship continued without being limited to classical text forms. For the 36th edition of the Stückemarkt, three artist jurors were looking for theatre-makers who attempt to overcome “the impossibility of the theatre.”

Three exceptional international artists – British director Katie Mitchell, Signa Köstler from the Danish collective SIGNA and the British dramatist Simon Stephens – all of whom had already been invited to the Theatertreffen, were asked to nominate one artist who, in their opinion, stood out through particularly forward-looking forms of play development or an unusual form of theatrical expression. They became artistic mentors to these artists; their works and working methods were presented in detail at the Stückemarkt.

Katie Mitchell chose the Belgian artist Miet Warlop, Signa Köster the German scenographer Mona el Gammal and Simon Stephens, the British playwright and performer Chris Thorpe. Independently of one another, their choice fell to three artists who push the frontiers in their work and so the Stückemarkt was able to present a broad spectrum of contemporary playwriting beyond the borders of the discipline. Each selected artist presented his or her work in workshops and discussions with their mentors, giving impetus to the discussion programme of the Theatertreffen Camp.