Trailer for “Common Ground” © Maxim Gorki Theater
Common Ground. [Video trailer]

Common Ground

By Yael Ronen and ensemble

Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin

Directed by Yael Ronen
Stage design Magda Willi
Costume design Lina Jakelski
Music Nils Ostendorf
Video Benjamin Krieg, Hanna Slak
Dramaturgy Irina Szodruch

Vernesa Berbo
Niels Bormann
Dejan Bućin
Mateja Meded
Jasmina Musić
Orit Nahmias
Aleksandar Radenković

For her research project “Common Ground“, Yael Ronen once again works with her cast’s biographies. They are playing their own family stories, dealing with the Yugoslav War and their lives as actors in Berlin today and as children in the early 1990s – children of perpetrators and of victims alike. Like Jasmina Musić and Mateja Meded: The father of one of them died in a camp where the father of the other was a guard. Together with Yael Ronen, an Israeli living in Berlin, they took a journey to the “Common Ground”, their old home, Bosnia. They are accompanied by a German and an Israeli, whose clueless outsider’s perspective provides both distance and comic relief to this fierce, searching investigation of history, of oneself and the others. It is an evening of great emotional power, addressing the task of reconciliation and acceptance without raised forefingers, polemics or truisms – and with no fear of big emotions and huge giggles.

A Maxim Gorki Theater production, funded by the Capital Cultural Fund.

With English surtitles

Duration 1h 45, no interval

Premiere 14 March 2014

On 7 May, following the performance
concert “Balkan Soul” and DJ Zigan Aldi

Public discussion on 8 May, following the performance