The Jury of the Theatertreffen 2017

The jury for the Theatertreffen 2017 was made up of seven theatre critics. These honorary jurors are allowed to serve for no longer than three years in succession. The jury is appointed by the head of the Theatertreffen and the director of the Berliner Festspiele.

The Jury of the Theatertreffen © Piero Chiussi
The jury of the Theatertreffen. F.l.t.r.: Stephan Reuter, Till Briegleb, Dorothea Marcus, Christian Rakow, Eva Behrendt, Shirin Sojitrawalla, Margarete Affenzeller
Margarete Affenzeller
© Matthias Cremer

Margarete Affenzeller, Vienna

Margarete Affenzeller was born in Freistadt / Upper Austria in 1971 and studied German Philology and History at the University of Vienna. She has been a permanent member of the arts section of the Austrian daily newspaper “Der Standard” since 1997; since 2007, her editorial focus has been on writing about theatre. She has been a member of various juries for several years, including the Nestroy Theatre Award and the Ö1 Award for Radio Plays. She is a correspondent for the magazine “Theater der Zeit”.

Eva Behrendt
© Michael Witte

Eva Behrendt, Berlin

Eva Behrendt was born in 1973 and studied History, Literature and Theatre Studies in Mainz, Dijon and Berlin. Since 2001, she has been a freelance editor for the magazine “Theater heute” as well as a writer for the “taz”-newspaper, the public radio channel Deutschlandradio Kultur and others. She has been on the juries for the festival Impulse, the Berlin Senate, the Berlin Theatertreffen from 2008-2010, the festival Politik im Freien Theater (Politics in Independent Theatre) and for the Capital Cultural Fund.

Till Briegleb
© privat

Till Briegleb, Hamburg

Till Briegleb, born in Munich in 1962. Studies in Political Science and German Literature in Hamburg. From 1991, cultural journalist for the “taz” in Hamburg; from 1997 to 2002, cultural journalist for the weekly newspaper “Die Woche”, and then from 2006, freelance journalist for various newspapers and magazines. In 2006, chief editor of “art” magazine; since 2007, staff writer for the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and “art”. Publications on various themes in the fields of architecture, art, cultural history and theatre. Recent publication of his essay “Die diskrete Scham” by Insel-Verlag in the Bibliothek der Lebenskunst. Member of the selection committee for the Berlin Theatertreffen from 2002-2005, and for the Mülheim playwrights’ festival, Stücke, from 2006-2013. Lives in Hamburg.

Dorothea Marcus
© privat

Dorothea Marcus, Cologne

Dorothea Marcus was born in 1969 and studied German Philology and History at FU Berlin. She has been a freelance cultural journalist since 1999 – first based in Freiburg, then in Cologne – for the “taz”-newspaper, the public radio channels Deutschlandfunk and WDR, for the magazine “Theater heute” and the online portal “”, among others. She was a jury member for the Cologne Theatre Award, NRW-Theatertreffen and the NRW Jugendtheatertreffen “Westwind” (conference of theatres for young people in North Rhine-Westphalia). From 2009 to its termination in 2014, she was editor-in-chief for the theatre magazine “aKT” in Cologne. She teaches “Writing about dance and theatre” for the degree course “Dance and movement culture” at the German Sport University Cologne.

Christian Rakow
© Thomas Aurin

Christian Rakow, Berlin

Christian Rakow was born in Rostock in 1976 and studied German Philology and Philosophy in Rostock, Sheffield and Berlin. In 2010, he obtained a doctorate in Literary Studies at the University of Münster, supervised by Prof. Dr. Moritz Baßler. His dissertation “Die Ökonomien des Realismus – Kulturpoetische Untersuchungen zur Literatur und Volkswirtschaftslehre 1850-1900” (The Economies of Realism – Cultural poetic investigations on literature and political economy 1850-1900) was published by DeGruyter in 2013. Christian Rakow is an editor for the online portal “” and a theatre critic for “Theater heute” and “Berliner Zeitung”, among others.

Stephan Reuter
© privat

Stephan Reuter, Basel

Stephan Reuter, born in 1967 in Freiburg in Breisgau. Studies in German, English and Nordic Literature in Freiburg and Tübingen. Lecturer in German at the University of Buckingham in England, Swiss correspondent for the “Badische Zeitung”. Theatre critic for “Theater heute”, SWR, and the “Badische Zeitung”, among others. Juror for the Schweizer Theatertreffen . Since 2005, theatre journalist for the “Basler Zeitung”.

Shirin Sojitrawalla
© Dirk Ostermeier

Shirin Sojitrawalla, Wiesbaden

Shirin Sojitrawalla was born in Freiburg/Breisgau in 1968. She studied German Philology, Political Science and Comparative Studies, followed by a traineeship with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. Since 2000, she has been working as a freelance cultural journalist for various media. Her chief interest lies in theatre and literature, with excursions into the fields of visual arts and film. Currently, she mainly writes for the online portal “”, the newspaper “taz”, “Theater der Zeit”, “Frankfurter Rundschau” and the public radio channel Deutschlandfunk as well as “Wiener Zeitung”. Furthermore, she organizes festivals, conducts interviews and moderates readings.