International Forum 2018

International Forum

“Now I know wonderful people in many corners of the world with whom I share a special experience.” – Anna Katharina Müller (dramaturg, International Forum fellow 2018)

35 young artists from 22 countries – Cuba, India, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Uganda, Switzerland, Chile, the Netherlands, South Africa, Greece, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Costa Rica, Iran, Egypt, Poland, China, Slovenia, Austria and Thailand – spent 18 days together, looking for an answer to this question: What does it mean to make relevant theatre in the 21st century – socially, politically, artistically?

They attended all the Theatertreffen’s programme formats, taking each presented production, performance, podium discussion, lecture or keynote as an opportunity to reflect on the ethics and aesthetics of our world. Even more important than the wide variety of geographic origins of the International Forum’s fellows was the broad spectrum of artistic signatures and professions they represented, ranging from classic directors, actors, authors, designers and dramaturgs via video artists and sound designers to performers, dancers, activists and visual artists. Their global, young and notably interdisciplinary perspective focused chiefly on postcolonial, anti-capitalist and feminist approaches as discourses that determine our present times.

Equipped with this knowledge, the artists of the International Forum conducted research on topics like censorship, surveillance, violence and divisive societies in workshops led by Max Czollek and Sasha Marianna Salzmann, Modjgan Hashemian, Peng!-Kollektiv and Kay Voges. They tested new dramaturgies and narrations, looked for nodes of dominion – in theatre and society – and asked how art might be liberated from all identitarian categories, genres and market demands. They heard contributions by experts from fields such as finance and internet surveillance, queried theatre makers like Sebastian Kaiser, Ulrich Khuon, Thomas Oberender, Anta Helena Recke, Irina Szodruch or Julian Warner on current aesthetic and political positions and created networks with dramaturgs from all Berlin theatres.

In this sense, the 2018 International Forum was more than just the Theatertreffen’s (self-)critical background noise and a comprehensive platform for international exchange and networking: The fellows also searched for the point of departure for a communal aesthetic movement.

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