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TT Context

An intersectional discourse-programme on the topic of “Unlearning”

The comprehensive discourse programme TT Kontext was developed by Theatertreffen and the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb to complement the festival’s established artistic programme columns (the selection of ten, Stückemarkt and the international guest performance platform Shifting Perspectives). TT Context opens up a discursive approach to the festival’s artistic programme by creating social, political and economic contexts and backgrounds and by seeing the works as an occasion to raise broader issues that affect the ways we live together today.

In 2018, TT Kontext explored the topic of “Unlearning”, referring more to a sense of “re-learning” than of “forgetting how to”. The programme wanted to re-see the already seen, challenge the familiar and distrust every answer, to be a question mark rather than an exclamation point, an attitude rather than a conviction. It was an invitation to talk, to lose ourselves and the systems within which we live and work –preferably in the company of others. Who could “we” be and why haven’t we become it (yet)?

UNLEARNING History was a journey through the (hi)stories that we are – they reveal our secrets and lies, point out blind spots, contradict themselves, continue each other and look for a future in the plural.

UNLEARNING Patriarchy I and UNLEARNING Patriarchy II asked the question of whether we would not all be better off if we renegotiated established notions of masculinity, fixed role images and encrusted systems, in the theatre and beyond it.

UNLEARNING 1st Class asked why pity isn’t enough and what price we’d have to pay for a just and fair coexistence.

And for UNLEARNING Theatre I and UNLEARNING Theatre II, it was time to question the canon and to sort out responsibilities.

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