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Shifting Perspectives

International guest performance platform

With the addition of Shifting Perspectives in 2017, the Theatertreffen’s programme was augmented by a platform that intends to give space to a wide variety of voices. What do other versions of history sound like, who is missing, where do new horizons begin? The Theatertreffen’s international guest performance platform offers a view into the world, beyond the German-language theatre. With the support of the Goethe-Institut and the International Coproduction Fund, Shifting Perspectives 2018 presented six interdisciplinary works from Singapore, Lebanon, Israel, South Africa, Brazil and Kenya. Beyond the selection of the ten most remarkable productions of the German-language theatre, the platform provided non-European perspectives and addressed a broader spectrum of current social issues, aesthetic positions and pioneering trends. Connections with other programme columns of the festival were built, counter histories were told and, not least, habitual geographical sight lines were crossed. The interested audiences were invited to embark on new experiences of the world and different kinds of knowledge, gaining new insights beyond the tried and tested. The participating artists, on the other hand, were given an opportunity to exchange their ideas and create networks. The TT Kontext focus “UNLEARNING History” provided a framework in which the artists invited by Shifting Perspectives could participate in a discursive exchange on questions like which heroes and heroines, which holidays and which crimes have shaped our present times, where the blind spots of our historiography are and whether our thinking can be decolonised.

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