Stückemarkt: Selection 2018

The jury of the Stückemarkt has announced its selection for the Stückemarkt of the 55th Theatertreffen 2018.

In an open, Europe-wide competition, the Theatertreffen’s Stückemarkt searched for innovative theatre idioms that deal with the challenges of sharing (in) a divided world – touching on questions of global inequality as well as sharing as a form of social practice.

20 works were considered in the final discussion.

The team of the Stückemarkt congratulates the invited artists.

Maya Arad Yasur
Israel/Netherlands – text

The protagonist of Maya Arad Yasur’s text “Amsterdam”, a pregnant Israeli violinist, sets out to trace a gas bill from the year 1944 that appears outside her door one morning. During the next 24 hours, she will become more and more aware of the significance of her origins and her gender in an increasingly xenophobe, misogynist environment. The story is told by a variety of voices, looking at the events from different perspectives.

Leon Engler
“Die Benennung der Tiere”
Austria – text

In “Die Benennung der Tiere (The Naming of Animals)”, Leon Engler tells the surreal story of sausage tester Alexander, who ends up on the tracks of a subway tunnel after an accidental fall – caused by a liverwurst sandwich. The people who rush to help him are unable to free the hefty man from his predicament, and so Alexander, the “beached whale”, becomes a divine symbol of redemption to the passers-by.

Li Lorian
Israel/Germany – project

Li Lorian’s “Exodus” is a Skype-lecture performance for a split audience in Berlin and Jerusalem. With whimsical devices, she interweaves stories of flight and displacement, biographical documents, the search for home and contemporary stories of displacement.

Old Masters
Switzerland – project

Two performers of the collective Old Masters come face to face in “Fresque (Fresco)”, an installation-like arrangement. Language as a means of creating empathy appears increasingly suspect and is ultimately reduced to absurdity in the face of the increasingly independent existence of the object on stage. In the silence between the words, human relationships and the space they occur in are made tangible.

Turbo Pascal
“Böse Häuser”
Germany – project

In the immersive performance “Böse Häuser (Evil Houses)”, Turbo Pascal create an interactive thought experiment that deals with a new kind of thinking, a confrontation with radically different thought (and thinkers) and the explorations of one’s own evil constructions of ideas. Turbo Pascal encourage us to take different perspectives and points of view and to revise gridlocked patterns of thinking.

Olivia Wenzel
“1 yottabyte leben”
Germany – text

Olivia Wenzel’s “1 yottabyte leben (1 yottabyte of life)” considers how surfing through digital spaces influences our analogue realities and what happens to social relationships when we communicate primarily within the digital realm. And she wonders how existential human needs like anonymity, privacy and physicality are affected in times of the all-encompassing Internet – and what happens to our political consciousness.


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