Theatertreffen-Blog: Anniversary 2018

Time flies – The Theatertreffen-Blog celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Hardly anything is less reliable than our sense of time. The 2009 Theatertreffen, where directors Christoph Schlingensief and Jürgen Gosch presented what were to be their legendary final works, alternately seems “ages ago” and “only yesterday”. In those days, the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz was sailing the seas of mediocrity, Katie Mitchell astonished us with her elaborate film-theatre-hybrids, Chris Dercon was leaving Munich for London and the US had just elected their first black president. Neither Facebook nor the then ultra-nerdy Twitter were available as smartphone apps – and Instagram hadn’t even been invented.

So maybe it is indeed ages ago that the Theatertreffen-Blog emerged from the festival newspaper in 2009 and celebrates its tenth edition this year. Ever since, the blog has cast its critical eye on the Theatertreffen’s many highs and occasional lows, incidentally creating a large network of many by now well-established authors. This anniversary edition is dedicated to them, because the 2018 Theatertreffen-Blog will be a reunion with its “Alumni”. And we all know that at such events, time follows its very own laws.

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