Print media

The print media for Theatertreffen 2019 will be published in April/May 2019.

Print media 2018 to 2012

Documentaries and publications of Theatertreffen 2018 to 2012 are available on the archive pages of the
Theatertreffen 2018
Theatertreffen 2017
Theatertreffen 2016
Theatertreffen 2015
Theatertreffen 2014
Theatertreffen 2013
Theatertreffen 2012.

50 years of Theatertreffen

Special Edition Stückemarkt

Die Stücke
Edited by Berliner Festspiele
soft cover with 292 pages
format 148 x 208 mm
Price € 12
in our online shop

Fünfzig Theatertreffen 1964-2013

Edited by Berliner Festspiele
published by Verlag Theater der Zeit
soft cover with 276 pages
with many colour images
format 230 x 270 mm
ISBN 978-3-943881-31-8
Price € 25
in our online shop

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Database 1964-2018

The database with all productions, theatres and directors since 1964 as well as the Stückemarkt authors.