Jazzfest Berlin Festivalstream

In cooperation with ARTE Concert, Jazzfest Berlin brings live concerts and pre-produced films of this year’s festival to you – wherever you are.

The recordings of the livestream are free of charge; but we would be happy if you were to support artists and sectors especially affected by the current situation with a donation.

Programme is subject to change

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Thursday, 5 November 2020

Available until 5 November 2021

Friday, 6 November

Available until 6 November 2021

Saturday, 7 November

Available until 7 November 2021

Sunday, 8 November

Available until 8 November 2021

15:00 Gabriel Coburger’s Quintet Jean-Paul feat. Ken Norris *
15:30 Lauer / Lakatos / Glawischnig / Höchstädter*
16:00 Natalia Mateo: “Embracing Bill Withers”*
16:30 Kammerflimmer Kollektief*
17:00 Rest Assured. Bodi No Be Fayawood (from the Kuppelhalle)
17:50 Interview Nadin Deventer & Dr. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung
18:05 Matana Roberts: stay true…
18:10 Rest Assured. Bodi No Be Fayawood (from the Kuppelhalle)
19:00 Jason Moran: “Sayings”
19:10 Beyond w/ Bernhardt. feat. The Micronaut & Meuroer Mandolinenorchester
20:00 Rest Assured. Bodi No Be Fayawood (from SAVVY Contemporary)
20:30 De-Isolation

Presented by Nadin Deventer

* In full length on Jazzfest Berlin on Demand