“The world was turned on its head. Life was in a different key. The doors to the outside world remained closed. QUARANTINE wrote itself into a new reality. Homeliness and comfort wore the mask of compulsion. Conscience called itself ‘rational’. Conscience was surely right, but … rationality is just so rational.” (KIM Collective)

Film still from “KIM @ HENRI”

Available from 2 October 2020
23 min

The second video work by the KIM Collective leads us to the “Hotel HENRI”, a gem of luxurious old-Berlin cosiness in an art-deco building built in 1880. Like most hotels, the HENRI was empty in the last months, only in September did it re-open. The HENRI was lacking in humans and the musicians were lacking spaces. To make music there meant letting the decorative walls play a part in the narrative. Walls that were forced into self-sufficiency for a couple of months. The warmth of June finally made space and time for an exclusive ritual of reunion.

Script and Direction Georg Schütky
Camera and Editing Jim Kroft
Sound Jonas Hinz
Costume Design and Make-up Christina Schmitt
Idea and Realisation KIM Collective commissioned by Berliner Festspiele / Jazzfest Berlin

KIM Collective:
Dora Osterloh vocals
Laura Winkler vocals
Raphael Meinhart voice
Otis Sandsjö saxophone
Brad Henkel trumpet
Liz Kosack keys
Dan Peter Sundland bass
Max Andrzejewski drums
Max Santner drums