stay true…

Matana Roberts

Matana Roberts describes her combination of instrumental music, singing, spoken word and visual imagery as “panoramic sound quilting”.In her exclusive video for the Jazzfest Berlin, where she was a guest four years ago, she also has a clear socio-political message for us.

Film still from: "Matana Robert: stay true..."

Available from 30 October 2020
6 min

“stay true…” she said
a sonic meditation on American state sanctioned violence.
My country tis of thee…
sweet land of trigger happy stolen liberties...
rooooooll call!
Eleanor Bumpers was behind in her rent
Deborah Danner had a bat
Alberta Spruill was simply frightened
Korryn Gaines was given unfinished paperwork
Tanisha Anderson was bipolar
Michelle Cusseaux had a hammer
Charleena Lyles tried to do the right thing
Pearlie Golden was 93
Kayla Moore was suffocated
Duanna Johnson was trans
Aiyana Stanley-Jones was 7
Rekia Boyd was standing free
Mya Hall took a wrong turn
Miriam Carey swerved
Atatiana Jefferson was trying to be a fun auntie
Natasha McKenna was restrained with shackles, handcuffs and a hood
Kyam Livingston was ignored
Sandra Bland was direct.
Breonna Taylor was asleep.
there are names missing, of course
who’s next to be seen splayed, butchered, yet somewhat unseen on yr chosen screen?
protect black women.
stay true or stay complicit...

Matana Roberts

video, music, text Matana Roberts