Camae Ayewa (aka Moor Mother)

In this untitled video statement, the Philadelphia-born artist Camae Ayewa, also known as Moor Mother, poetically refers to the social challenges and crises of meaning of our time.

Moor Mother

Available from 16 October 2020
3 min
In English with optional English subtitles

Camae Ayewa, powerfully eloquent poet, spoken word artist, musician and activist resolutely refuses labeling, stigmatization, distortion, misrepresentation and reduction of any kind. This is true for both her musical work and her involvement in society. As Moor Mother, she floats freely between rap, punk, noise and jazz, adding her voice to the canon of African-American activists in all consistency, grabbing the history of the African diaspora by its roots and translating it into a dystopic future in the manner of Afro-futurism. Her live performances at Jazzfest Berlin 2018 with Irreversible Entanglements and in a special feature with Roscoe Mitchell were highlights of the festival. On Jazzfest Berlin Off Stage, Moor Mother now makes another appearance as an artist of the festival – this time in her role as a poet and critical commentator of the present.

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