Sprinkler and Birds (John’s Garden, Albuquerque)

TRAINING feat. John Dieterich & Işıl Karataş: “3 Sekunden”

According to recent discoveries of cognitive science, the “present” lasts about three seconds. Everything that happens in front of our eyes and ears during this time is perceived as a singular moment, as our Here and Now.

Film still from “Sprinkler and Birds”

Available from 12 October 2020
3 min

Based on two to five-second audio-visual field recordings, created by each of the participating artists in their respective environments, they transform arbitrary moments into musical necessity. Played in loops, the random sounds and images of the recordings reveal rhythmic patterns and melodic motifs which the collaborating artists translate into their own artistic languages, processing and re-shaping the samples in a trans-continental back and forth, thus step by step creating collective compositions in sound and vision on a distance.

In the festival’s concert programme, the results of this cooperation, which has continued for months, will be presented in an audio-visually supported live performance as part of Jazzfest Berlin – New York.

Johannes Schleiermacher sax, flute, synth
Max Andrzejewski drums, synth, electronics, voice
John Dieterich guitar
Işıl Karataş video