Enno Poppe, Milica Djordjević and Martina Seeber

Music in Conversation

Martina Seeber, Enno Poppe and Milica Djordjević

Available 15 – 23 September 2020
20 min
In German with optional German and English subtitles

Composer Milica Djordjević and the world premiere of her new piece are at the centre of the concert by the Karajan-Academy of Berliner Philharmoniker on 22 September 2020. In our series “Music in Conversation”, Milica Djordjević will chat with music journalist Martina Seeber and composer Enno Poppe, who will conduct the world premiere and thus be the first artist to interpret this new work. At first, they talk about listening to the radio and about musical imagination and what stimulates it. The protagonists ponder what in fact constitutes the craft of composing in a time when there are no longer any universal norms regarding how to compose. Both composers agree that it is tremendously important to hear your own works performed by different musicians and ensembles, and that our present-day musical life should be able to provide these opportunities.