Music in Conversation

How is music created, how can we imagine the creative collaboration between composer and musician or singer? This is one of the subjects of this series of conversations, which will feature composers and musicians who have been invited to this year’s Musikfest Berlin.

Keyvisual Musikfest Berlin 2020: Detail of a spherical object made of concrete with rough surface and gold traces
Past Recordings
Eleonore Büning and Igor Levit

21 August – 23 September 2020

Igor Levit & Eleonore Büning talk about Beethoven

This conversation between Igor Levit and music journalist Eleonore Büning spans a wide arc: from the importance of music in times of crisis via Beethoven’s piano sonatas, their interpretation and challenges for the pianist, to issues of discrimination.

Martina Seeber, Enno Poppe and Milica Djordjević

15 September – 23 September 2020

Enno Poppe, Milica Djordjević and Martina Seeber

In conversation with music journalist Martina Seeber, composer Milica Djordjević and composer and conductor Enno Poppe touch on questions of musical imagination, the craft of composing and the significance of a lively performance practice for contemporary composers.