3sat “Starke Stücke”


We present two “Starke Stücke” which could not be recorded before October 2020 due to the pandemic: “Der Menschenfeind (The Misanthrope)”, directed by Anne Lenk, and “Der Mensch erscheint im Holozän (Man appears in the Holocene)”, directed by Alexander Giesche.

Der Mensch erscheint im Holozän

Schauspielhaus Zürich
3sat recording “Starke Stücke”, 110 min, in German
Available 13 November 2020 to 12 March 2021

A visual poem by Alexander Giesche
after the novella by Max Frisch
Premiere 23 January 2020
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Alexander Giesches stages Max Frisch’s novella about mankind’s Sisyphus-struggle against their own doom as a highly poetic trial of patience on thewings of imagination.

Past Recordings

Hamlet. Sandra Hüller

© JU Bochum


Schauspielhaus Bochum
3sat recording “Starke Stücke”, 118 min, in German
Available 7 November 2020 to 6 December 2021

By William Shakespeare
With extracts from “Die Hamletmaschine” by Heiner Müller
Director Johan Simons
Premiere 15 June 2019
Further information about the production
Introduction with the dramaturg Jeroen Versteele (in German)

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King Hamlet is dead, murdered by his brother Claudius who has taken over the throne. Young Hamlet decides to search for explanations and a morally consistent strategy. In Johan Simons’ reduced production of Shakespeare’s classic play, Sandra Hüller is a radically honest Hamlet. On an almost empty stage, steeped in a harsh white light, she sets out to penetrate a thick web of lies, manipulation and power-struggles. At her side: Gina Haller as a realist, laid-back Ophelia in personal union with Horatio.

Talking about “Hamlet”

Available until 30 July
ca. 65 min, in German

Talking about “Hamlet”

In an artists’ talk about “Hamlet”, members of the creative team will share insights about the production.

With: Gina Haller, Sandra Hüller, Johan Simons, Jeroen Versteele, Cornelia Fiedler (jury)
Moderation: Christine Wahl

Der Menschenfeind

Der Menschenfeind. Ulrich Matthes, Manuel Harder, Lisa Hrdina, Franziska Machens, Jeremy Mockridge, Elias Arens

© Arno Declair

Der Menschenfeind

Deutsches Theater Berlin
3sat recording “Starke Stücke”, 95 min, in German
Available 6 November 2020 to 6 March 2021

By Molière
German version in rhymed verses by Jürgen Gosch and Wolfgang Wiens
Director Anne Lenk
Premiere 29 March 2019
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Anne Lenk has staged Molière’s classic, translated by Jürgen Gosch and Wolfgang Wiens, as a straightforward delight with an exceptional concentration of language and wit.



© Arno Declair


Deutsches Theater, Berlin / Malmö Stadsteater
3sat recording “Starke Stücke”, 84 min, in German
Available until 26 Juli 2020

By Ingmar Bergmann
Director Anna Bergmann
Premiere Malmö 15 September 2018
Premiere Berlin 30 November 2018
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The experienced nurse Alma takes care of Elisabet, a celebrated actor who has fallen silent. In a house by the sea, the two unequal women spend a carefree summer – until the situation between them shifts. Director Anna Bergmann has adapted Ingmar Bergman’s experimental film for the stage and, supported by two strong actors, interweaves questions about the construction of a person’s identity into an intense study on power, trust, role images and the desire to slip into a different life.

Tartuffe oder das Schwein der Weisen

Tartuffe oder das Schwein der Weisen

© Priska Ketterer

Tartuffe oder das Schwein der Weisen

Theater Basel
3sat recording “Starke Stücke”, 143 min, in German
Available until 27 July 2020

Comedy by PeterLicht based on Molière
Director Claudia Bauer
World Premiere 14 September 2018
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The seemingly pious and virtuous Tartuffe deeply impresses the wealthy Orgon and unsettles his entire family, until he is gradually caught in dishonest intentions. So far the story as told by Molière. In his radical retelling, PeterLicht takes up central motifs of the work, taking aim at our present times in the process. Director Claudia Bauer and her cast of enthusiastic actors translate PeterLicht’s revealing criticism of language into lightning comedy with a colourful pop optics that makes the deceit shine all the brighter, until it finally explodes.

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