Environment – Opening MaerzMusik 2021

Recording of the concert from 19 March 2021 at Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Studio Talk 1 about Environment

Wiphala, rainbow flag

Wiphala, rainbow flag. Symbol of the indigenous population of Bolivia, Peru and others

Photo: ledscreate.sineadcullen.com/index.php/2017/12/20/atlandida/

Available from 20 March to 30 April 2021


Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos (OEIN)
PHØNIX16 and noiserkroiser (Timo Kreuser inside piano and Nikolaus Neuser trumpet)

Timo Kreuser realisation, concept and direction
Phillipp Hartmann camera
Kassian Troyer director recording
Kassian Troyer, Timo Kreuser mix
Alexis Baskind conception sound and sound design (stage)
Carlo Grippa sound design
Anna Taegert monitoring
Alice Hamann light design
Akaša Bojič, Luka Umek projection
PHØNIX16 production
Sonia Lescène production manager
Katja Heldt production assistant
Philipp Hartmann, Miguel Hilari, Omar Alarcón Poquechoque videos

The film version that you can see in the MaerzMusik Festivalstream and on MaerzMusik on Demand was recorded with handheld camera in 2D. This 3D film version can be experienced on Facebook.