Virtual Reality Experiences at Immersion

Here, we present films, keynotes and essays from our Immersion programme series that deal with virtual reality.

“The viewer never forgets that he is wearing those glasses.“
Mona el Gammal, Kay Meseberg and Thomas Oberender talk about “RHIZOMAT VR”.
Read the article at Berliner Festspiele Blog (scroll down for English)

David OReilly: Everything

“’Everything‘ is trying to describe to the best of my ability the situation we find ourselves in as human beings. Rather than being written like a story, it was created more like a giant organism. A description of the world through patterns I feel are true.” At our 2018 conference INTO WORLDS. The Craft of Blurring Boundaries, artist and game developer David OReilly spoke about 3D software as a new artistic medium, his conception of art in general, the generation of meaning, and his latest project “Everything”.

“Everything” is his second video game, released in 2017, which he describes as a “simulator of everything”, since the player is able to change their perspective constantly and take control over the most various of things: flowers, bacteria or galaxies. Exploring the borderline between video game and artwork, “Everything” was awarded the jury prize at the Vienna Shorts Film Festival and the Golden Nica at Ars Electronica, among others.