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WE ARE CAMERA / jasonmaterial

By Fritz Kater
Thalia Theater Hamburg

World Premiere Hamburg 6 December 2003

WE ARE CAMERA / jasonmaterial

WE ARE CAMERA / jasonmaterial

© Arno Declair

  • 2 h 45 min, one interval

Past Dates

Talk with the audience: Tue 4 May, 23:00
Venue: Hebbel am Ufer, HAU 2

A young West German family, New Year’s Eve 1969/1970. The father is a spy who is developing biological weapons, the wife works in a laboratory and the children are both kept quiet. We hear this from Kater and look forward to a play about recent German-German history, as we know that this spy-father is going to flee to East Germany taking his family with him. But the director Petras tells it differently. The evening plays with media and myths and inconsistencies. Truth and fiction are set upon each other with such gusto and humour that the attributes “German-German” or “political” must not necessarily become banal but at least of secondary importance. Petras and his extremely appealing actors set little stock by schematics and all the more by controlled anarchy.
Tobi Müller


Directed by Armin Petras
Stage and Costume Design Bernd Schneider, Natascha von Steiger
Dramaturgy Juliane Koepp

Ernst Peter Moltzen
Paula Natali Seelig
Mirco Hans Löw
Sonja Fritzi Haberlandt
John; Superman / Thalidomide skinhead; multiple personality Stephan Johannes Richter