Aperghis II: Film

Music film by Georges Aperghis & Hugo Santiago
F 1990, 60 min., A.T.E.M., La SEPT, INA

Film still from “Énumérations”

Film still from “Énumérations”

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Past Dates

In 1976 Greek-French composer Georges Aperghis founded the theatre group “Atelier Théâtre et Musique” (ATEM), which deliberately settled in a banlieue on the outskirts of Paris and devoted itself to the development of new music theatre forms with participation from musicians, actors and residents. For Aperghis, this step meant a completely new invention of his compository approach. ATEM performances were inspired by ordinary life and social issues transposed into an often absurd, satirical and poetic world. These works were progressively built up through successive rehearsals. All the ingredients (vocal, instrumental, gestural, theatrical ...) are treated equally and contribute, along with the pre-existing text, to the drama of the shows.

From 1976 with “La bouteille à la mer” until 1997, when he left the ATEM, he created a total of over twenty shows, including “Conversations“ (1985) “Énumérations” (1988), “Jojo” (1990), “H” (1992), “Sextuor” (1993) and “Commentaires” (1996). One of them, “Énumérations”, which was written in 1988, was realized for television by Argentinian-French film director Hugo Santiago together with Aperghis in a derelict Parisian building. The result of this close collaboration between director and composer is a music film of unusual cinematographic quality, which evokes the approach and spirit of this time.