Aperghis III: A.T.E.M.

Georges Aperhis

Georges Aperghis

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Georges Aperghis’ artistic imagination has always focused on the concrete, material and physical; he never failed to take the time to gain a clear understanding of the specifics of the instrument and the unique qualities of his actors and to give each of them a specific form. This becomes especially clear in his solo works, which the composer has consistently developed since the beginning of his career, often in close collaboration with his interpreters. Aperghis’ solo works are not repertoire pieces in the traditional sense, which are exclusively intended for the instrument or the development of a genre, even if they also sound out each instrument’s potential in manifold ways. This is a highly intimate, personal music, emerging from a common experiment and personal dialogue, music in which both the instrument and the musician’s personality come forward in a kind of double portrait.

The concert presents important solo works composed between 1978 and 2014, and follows on from the music film Énumerations, which is shown first and offers a glimpse of the work of the Atelier Théâtre et Musique (A.T.E.M.). – An evening that brings to life the various facets of Georges Aperghis’ work and phases of his artistic development.

Georges Aperghis

Le Corps à Corps
for percussion (1979)

for double bass clarinet (2013/2014)

for double bass (2009/2010)

Action avec son obligé
for one percussionist (1982/2014)

for one percussionist (1982)

for viola solo (2014)

Christian Dierstein, percussion
Uli Fussenegger, double bass
Ernesto Molinari, double bass clarinet
Geneviève Strosser, viola

With the support of Impuls neue Musik / German-French fund for contemporary music

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